CSI2100 Computer Programming, Spring 2015


We have added a gdb debug cheat sheet.

Our CSI2100 Linux image for use with VirtualBox is available (see below).


The course introduces students to programming, using C as a first language. We employ the state-of-the-art, C11-based LLVM toolchain on Linux. Besides studying the introductory and advanced programming concepts available in C, we'll glance on open-source coding and software engineering practices.


K.N. King, C Programming - A Modern Approach 2nd Edition, 2008, W.W.Norton & Company Inc.

Lectures and Labs

All lectures and lab assignments are distributed on YSCEC.

CSI2100 Linux Image for VirtualBox

This file (ver 1.0 md5) contains a Linux installation that you can download and run on top of existing computer installations (Windows 7, Vista, XP, Apple OS X and even Linux itself). Please install the free VirtualBox virtualization software before you begin. See here for additional instructions.