CSI2100 Ubuntu Linux VirtualBox image


  1. Install Oracle VM VirtualBox (version 4.3.24 or higher).
  2. Download the CSI2100 image and unzip (1.7 GB, inflates to 1.9 GB). To confirm that the download was successful, you should check the md5 checksum of the image. An md5 checksum tool for Windows can be found at http://www.winmd5.com/.

Import Virtual Machine

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  1. Start VirtualBox and select File → Import Application...
  2. Choose CSI2100_v1.ova.
  3. Review the machine specifications then "Import".

  4. Once finished importing, the virtual machine is ready to run.

Shared Folder

A shared folder is a folder that exists on the host system but can be accessed from the guest system as well (the folder and its entire contents are shared between host and guest). Please noted that a shared folder cannot be added while the virtual machine is running.
  1. Open Settings by clicking or typing CTRL+s.
  2. Go to Shared Folders and add a new shared folder.

  3. Choose "Other..." from Folder Path dropdown list and select the host's folder to be shared, then tick Auto-mount.

  4. The shared folder is now mounted automatically during boot. On the virtual machine, the shared folder can be found at /media/sf_<folder_name>. To display a link to this shared folder on your Desktop, create a symbolic link on a terminal as follows:

    ln -s /media/sf_<folder_name> /home/csi2100/Desktop