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[Jan. 28, 2011]
Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style?(1/3)(download)
Yousun Ko
[Nov. 12, 2010]
Multi-University Research Teams: Shifting Impact, Geography, and Stratification in Science(download)
Yousun Ko
[Sept. 10, 2010]
ContextThreading: A Flexible and Efficient Dispatch Technique for Vertual Machine Interpreters(download)
Jiin Park
[Sept. 3, 2010]
Is Transactional Memory Programming Actually Easier?(download)
Jingun Hong

Data Dependency Graph and Pipelining (download)
Jongtae Park
[Aug. 27, 2010]
Diverge-Merge Processor(DMP) (download)
Yousun Ko
[Aug. 20, 2010]
Trace-based Just-in-Time Type Specialization for Dynamic languages (download)
Jiin Park
[July 29, 2010]
Paradigm Shifts in the Video Game Industry (download)
Yousun Ko
[July 23, 2010]
A Fast Small-Radius GPU Median Filter (download)
Jongtae Park

Parallel Programming Support in Haskell (download)
Jingun Hong
[July 16, 2010]
Lightweight Software Transactions for Games (download)
Yousun Ko
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