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  On June 15, Yousun Ko presented our work on ``LaminarIR: Compile-time Queues for Structured Streams'' at the 36th ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI'15). Please find the video abstract here.
  We're happy to announce the support of the Intel Academic Community for our Programming Practice course through the micro grant ``From Cells to Sandy Bridges''.
  The editors of the IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems have selected our paper on Accelerating the Execution of Matrix Languages on the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture as the spotlight-paper for the January 2011 issue.

Oct 2oth 2011 , TinyVM version 1.0 released click here

July 2nd 2010, AdaStreams updated to version 1.1 click here


Lab Seminar


Our research areas

  • Programming languages and compilers for multi-core architectures
  • Virtual machines for C & Java on Linux, esp. on Google Android
  • Embedded systems compilation
  • Program analysis

Contact Information

  Bernd Burgstaller
  Tel : (Prof.) +82 2 2123 5728
  (Lab.) +82 2 2123 7871
  Fax : +81 2 365 2579
  E-mail : bburg AT cs DOT yonsei DOT ac DOT kr

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